Who is Taufiq. R.M?

What's up, everyone!


Born in Surabaya, Indonesia, Taufiq Randy Mulyono is currently pursuing his education as a student of Ohio State University while majoring Architecture and Construction Management as his minor subject.

First and foremost, many thanks may be dedicated to my little brother, Troy Richardo Mulyono, as a strong-willed figure who had opened Taufiq Randy Mulyono's eyes widely to finally understand the true meaning of sharing this blog and hence, have "A Driven Life" established on July 25, 2010. 

And beyond all of that, it has been a privilege to give the greatest credit, hereby, to our God, Jesus Christ
For He had died on the cross to have washed our countless sins and successfully transformed this obnoxious, arrogant, denial and stubborn guy into a determined servant who has a dream of serving others' needs.


Why is this blog created? 

He's really sorry, but Taufiq doesn't stand for the name of Martin Luther King or Abraham Lincoln or any famous people. Rather, he stands for God's name sake as an ordinary helpless guy. Hence, Taufiq just wants to tell all of you about  a driven life...
Not the common driven life, but the real, concrete and everlasting one.
Yes... it is the only one exists in this world! He means it.
So here he is, he just wants to share couples of his thoughts:

Why Do You Live? 
Please think about it...

It has been millions of years ever since this earth was created, people have always wandered this question, Why Do They Live? Even two of the greatest philosopher in this world, Aristoteles and Plato, couldn't answer this question.

Is it about good grades?
Is it about cool boy/girlfriend?
Is it about games?
Is it about money?
Is it about wearing famous expensive brands?
Is it about big house?
Is it about sex?
Is it about family?
Is it about sports?
Is it about being CEO?
Is it about highest position in government?
Is it about controlling people to do what you want to do so?
Is it about craving your name in history as one of the most influential people in this world?
Is it about having fun?

Okay, I am out of idea,
Just Name it and if you have achieved them, then Congratulations! You have earned what you are dreaming for!

But.. try to find the TRUE HAPPINESS from them! Can you find it? 

What happen once you die? Are you gonna enjoy those achievements? Just be real! 

Isn't it going to be the same? This world only repeats!

I have thought that answer a year ago when I was in a peak point, where I always thought of how boring this world would be if everything just ends until the day we are dead!

But you know guys? I have finally found that answer a year ago. It refers to the real and only one life in this world, an eternal life in heaven.

In short, I wanna tell you the TRUTH, GOD EXISTS! So do heaven and hell and I believe in them!

Wanna know the good news? Father of Heaven promises the real reward for you in heaven! This is what I call, the TRUE REWARD that is worth of our hardworking in this world.

Jesus Christ says in Revelation 22:12, "Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done!"


So yeah, this is me. I believe in God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. But I am sorry, I ain't no professor, scientist or even magician that can prove His existence. 
It is only by FAITH and Bible, I believe His presence DOES EXIST! I can't force you, but please think about this:

"How about if heaven really exists? 
Don't you want to go to heaven? 
Life in this world is only once. Believe it... or not? 
It's your choice. "

Because for me, this is the TRUE Driven Life; a life that concentrates on craving the TRUE HAPPINESS in eternity.

So Yes, this blog is a true story of Taufiq Randy Mulyono containing his updated journals of experiencing Jesus Christ's grace more and more in his life.

If you want to know more of my story how Jesus Christ is so damn REAL in my life; please take a look at the link of "How My Life Has Changed".

At last, let me close this page with a true video made by National Geographic regarding book of Revelation:

Thank you so much,

It's truly a privilege for me if I am able to drive you into the true happiness,