Shape Your Body!


Anyone of you are still struggling with your body?

Feel too flabby

or perhaps too skinny?

Then why don't shape your body! 

This is just another story line of my life, which I lost nearly 25 kg (55 LBS)

Feel free to try this way of diet :)


As I mentioned in 'How My Life Has Changed' page; perhaps you can tell I was always craving for achievements.

So, this is the fact: I was 88 kg (193,6 LBS) and I have gone to the world of 60's-kg (130's-LBS).

Sorry, no photos posted yet. I will definitely look for it! (Because I was too ashamed to take any photographs of me back then)


Flabby People:

Here is the deal, please take notes of these secrets:

1. Don't ever lost weight too FAST!
Gradually is much better because fast-oriented will harm your digestion system.

2. Always have a breakfast!
Research has shown that eating breakfast helps your digestion system stimulate your enzyme and hormone to be more effective.

3. Eat every 3 hours and don't eat after 8 pm!
Don't ever eat too much in one meal. Always in small portions every three hours.
This will also help your hormone and enzyme to be more effective.

4. Chew your foods slowly and thoughtfully!
Eating fast will cause your stomach full of gas, that will harm your digestion system.

5. Keep your mindset on fire!
This mostly works. Trust me!

6. Keep working out, specifically cardio!
Wanna know the simple formula on diet?

"Calories Burned > Calories Gained"
That's the math yow! 

False ways of thinking people always thought - AVOID it!

1. AVOID eating any deep fried and high calories foods!

2. AVOID eating any sugars in the evening!

3. AVOID merely eating once or twice in a day!

4. AVOID eating rice, eat wheat bread instead!
Rice is the worst carbs.

5. AVOID eating after 9 pm!
Why you eat unnecessary calories? You'll sleep afterwards anyway...

That's all - and you'll lose weights.


Wanna know my experience? Keep scrolling down.


I didn't do all of those secrets, because I never knew before about those facts above:
But this also works - not really good though, I don't recommend it :(


 I was only doing food-diet [ no cardio at all ]; and I lost 15 kg (33 LBS) in a year.

My menu:

1. NO CARBS, in fact I didn't eat rice for the whole year.
2. NO DEEP FRIED, I merely eat soup, soup and soup for the whole year.

Results: I was much much slimmer, but still flabby.

Message: There's gonna be a point where you find it really hard to lose more of your weight. Don't worry, that's common.

This happened three times on my diet.
When I was: 78 kg, 68 kg and 64 kg.

Those numbers were where I almost gave up on my diet. 


Always remember this:

"Set your mind to always keep on fire and never give up! This is the most powerful source in order to lose weight."


2009 - present

I've dived into muscles life, so I get most of my flabs lost. And I'm still working on it.
I'll post a photo when my body quite ripped out.

Furthermore, I'll post a secret diet for skinny people and more of the true workout training later.