Friday, 30 July 2010

July 30, 2010

Finally... two more pages have been published!

Please take a look at "How My Life Has Changed" and "Shape Your Body!" page

I really encourage you guys to take a look at the first one. That's about my true story regarding how I find the way to keep myself driven, yes, to find the true happiness!

And also, feel free to take a look at "Shape Your Body!" where you can find out about my diet.
I was 193.5 pounds back then and I have successfully lost 55 pounds.
Try your own diet :)

I'll update more post about this page, specifically the best workout to get your dream body!

Thank you so much for everything!


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Day of This Blog Published

Greetings everyone!!

July 25th 2010. It's an awesome day for me because...
For finally, I have made my own blog!!!

It's truly tiring to stretch out my brain with lots of words.
But yeah, thanks to my little brother for having helped me a lot so that I am able to have this posted until today.

Hmm.. Let's see. I've only had my layout done but no words posted yet. But I have done with "Who is Taufiq R.M. ?" page.
That page summarizes my background of having this blog created. Hopefully you will read all of them, quite long though...
Please have a read on it! :)

Other pages are still ongoing. Hopefully I am able to finish all of them within this week.

: Feel free to leave comments on the space provided below. It's an honor to evaluate this blog with your comments!

Nice to meet you :)